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Please read the following Copyright Notice carefully as your access to and use of this website will be considered as acceptance of its terms & conditions. The material featured on this website is subject to IIRAJ copyright protection, unless otherwise indicated.

Copyright is the rights and control of the scholarly resources in original works of authorship which are subject to patent law. It is the policy of the IIRAJ that all privileges in copyright shall remain with the publisher.

Under the copyright law, copyright subsists in "original works of authorship" which have been fixed in any substantial medium of expression.

The author may not publish his / her possible without the author's prior written consent publisher elsewhere, unless it has dramatically changed not to publish his / her contribution. Author ensure that his / her contribution is original, apart from the copyrighted works, such as excerpts may contain copyright holders and authors permission objects, it does not contain any offensive statements, and any copyright, trademark does not violate, someone else's patents, legal rights, or the rights of authority.

On the evidence, and accepted on behalf of any and all co-authors of the release of this material responsibility. In return for these rights:

All ownership is not copyright, such as patents and so on.

The use of all paper, including all or part of their future work tables and graphs provide a proper confirmation from the copyright owner of the publishing house.

Every writer has a responsibility to ensure that papers submitted to the journal are written of ethical standards, involving plagiarism. Please note that plagiarism is a thorough examination of all submissions. If you find plagiarism in a paper published in the attempt, the authors will be required to issue a written apology to the author of the original material. Any document, which shows clear signs of plagiarism, will be automatically rejected and its author may be prohibited for the publishing. If this happens, the author will receive proper notification.

The document has not been published in the same form elsewhere.

It will not be before the rest of acceptance / rejection by the magazine went to press.

Protection does not extend to any idea, process, concept, discovery or the like, but only to the work in which it may be embodied, illustrate, or explained. For example, a written description of a manufacturing process is copyrightable, but the copyright only prevents unauthorized copying of the description; the process described could be freely copied unless it enjoys some other protection, such as patent.

The permission to reproduce, distribute or communicate IIRAJ-protected material does not extend to anything that is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Authorization to reproduce, distribute or communicate such material must be obtained from the copyright owner concerned.

In addition, the names, images and logos identifying IIRAJ are proprietary marks of IIRAJ or its licensors. Other names, images and logos identifying third parties and their information, products and services are the proprietary marks of third parties. Copying or using IIRAJ's logos or any third party logos contact via this website is not permitted without the prior written approval of the relevant trade mark and/or copyright owner.