Why I should join the IIRAJ Membership?

It’s premium. It gives more benefits then nonmembers. You are highly valued in our organizations.

Is it like other membership?

No, that is why we value your money, time and emotions.

Who can join the IIRAJ Membership?

Anyone can join the IIRAJ Membership. You may be working in a related field, studying towards an engineering qualification or simply have a passion for science and technology research. There is a category of membership for everyone. For more information, please visit the Join Us IIRAJ page. If you are working on IIN (IDEA INTERNET NETWORK), we help you to give exposure.

What are the benefits of IIRAJ Membership?

Membership allows you to share experiences and ideas with fellow professionals and peer individuals and access products and services that have been specifically developed to meet the personal and professional needs. For more information, please visit the membership advantages page.

What membership categories are available?

The IIRAJ has five categories of membership:

  • Student and New Professionals
  • Associates
  • Fellow
  • Honorary Fellow
  • Institutional Membership

Membership provides you with a identification to a potent intellectual capacity union and the opportunity to develop your own expertise and to share experiences and ideas with over 5000 Scientists, engineers and technologists around the world. For more information on membership categories, please visit the Join Us page.

What are the eligibility criteria for the different categories of membership?

It is mentioned in the membership level page. Please check the Membership Level page under Join Us tab.

How long does a membership last?

In every three years you need to renew your membership to avail all the facilities of IIRAJ.

How can I apply for membership?

You can apply for membership through online. To apply online go to the Join Us page complete the online application and pay the amount instantly.

How can I re-join IIRAJ membership?

If you used to be an IIRAJ member and you would like to re-join and renew your membership then visit the Membership Renewal page under Join Us tab.

Why should I join IIRAJ forum?

  • It’s a great place to network and exchange ideas
  • It has a width of membership, especially from developing countries.
  • It works in a pre-competitive phase, supports and encourages open innovation and association
  • Permits conversation of ideas, not just consequences.
  • The mix of special area of expertise is exclusive.
  • What makes it distinct are the open-mindedness, the technology neutral stand, bent and level of technical discussions

What kind of papers does IIRAJ (International Institute of Research And Journal) publish?

IIRAJ aims to publish research papers in all the areas of science, engineering, medical and management. The research paper publication process starts with the submission of your research paper through online submission or E-mail.

Is it possible to submit the same article to IIRAJ and another Journal simultaneously?

No. You have to give an undertaking that the article submitted by you is not published or submitted for publication in any other journal. The article not accepted by IIRAJ can be published in any other journal. The intimation for non-acceptance of article will reach you within 10 days of the submission of article to IIRAJ.

How does the review process work?

The review of articles is done through a peer review process which takes 7-8 days.

How do you choose the reviewers?

Our reviewers are on the editorial and advisory board of IIRAJ along with that we have a panel of renowned academicians and industry professionals to review the research articles.

How long does it take for an accepted paper to be actually published?

It takes minimum one month for an accepted article to be published.

I have finished reading your FAQ’s, still I’ve some questions. What should I do?

Please contact us through e-mail at info@iiraj.com or else you can call us on the number mentioned in the Contact Us page.

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