Membership Levels

Students and New Professionals: Students and new professionals are those who are undergoing a program of study leading to qualifications that will eventually entitle them to apply to use designator letters.

Associates: Associates may be working in a related field or simply have a passion for medical science, dental, management, engineering and technology. You may not have an engineering qualification but still value involvement with the irp.

Fellow: Fellow specifies a high level of accomplishment and an exceptional contribution towards the profession in areas related to the interest of irp. The fellows may include visiting professors, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral researchers.

Honorary Fellow: Honorary fellow can be either who have rendered service within the professional domain of irp or whose association is for mutual benefit.

Institutional Membership: Any Academic Institution or Corporate Body can apply for the membership. If you are a researcher and your institution, company or society became a member you would have the opportunity to publish research work in Proceedings & Journals at a discounted price, and you would be permitted to a 30% discount when you decide to publish in irp Conference. Complete our recommendation form to show your support and suggest open access membership for your organization. irp Researchers Forum conducts various International and National conferences/technical workshops, events every month. The institutional member can avail concession on registration fees for registering their staff for the events.