Panel Members

We are ever grateful to our peer-reviewers without whom the publication of this journal would have been impossible. The Organizing Committee IIRAJ invites all the technical experts across the globe to join as IIRAJ advisory board member for peer reviewer of the technical papers and journals.

Panel members are peer reviewers or consultants depending upon the purpose and type of review. Panel members are expert scientists in appropriate scientific disciplines.

IIRAJ Board of Directors select 5-12 scientists for a meeting, striving for a balance of organizational affiliation and necessary specific expertise. For each meeting the selected panel members must complete and sign a conflict-of-interest/bias disclosure and certification.

The panel members review the assessment package, prepare pre-meeting comments, and come to the meeting evaluation. Panel members are asked to be explicit in identifying issues and proposed strategies to resolve them.

These scientists’ credentials have been pre-reviewed and approved by the IIRAJ Board of Director. In addition, a particular issue or assessment may benefit by the participation of additional reviewers who are not on the regular roster of IIRAJ Peer Reviewers, but have some specific knowledge or expertise that is needed.

These reviewers also serve as volunteers and are full panel members. Occasionally, a selected peer reviewer is not able to attend the meeting and his or her expertise is considered critical. In that case, for peer consultations and other review projects, IIRAJ may use a different nomination and selection process to meet the needs of a particular situation.

IIRAJ identifies needed expertise, selects appropriate peer reviewers and consultants, and identifies and evaluates potential conflict of interest and bias issues.
IIRAJ provides one or more scientists to take notes of discussions and conclusions and provide a draft meeting report to panel members for comment and concurrence. The approved meeting report is the official record of the review or consultation and is made available to the public on IIRAJ peer review & consultation webpage.

Some benefits of being a reviewer:

  • You will gain valuable experience in scientific publishing.
  • Open access to unbelievable opportunities.
  • Peer review services will enhance the knowledge of professional standards, and highly respected by your peers.
  • You will join us as an Advisory Board Member.
  • Your article will be published in free of cost.
  • Once published in one of our journals, there is a possibility of being asked to become a reviewer of that journal.
  • In order to provide a good review, a thoughtful and well-balanced report with suggested improvements for our authors, reviewers must be prepared to invest the necessary time to evaluate the manuscript thoroughly.
  • Sharing your knowledge will enhance your knowledge.
  • Yes you will be awarded and rewarded for your efforts you give for your wisdom and knowledge.

*** once we receive your profile will let you know about more benefits of being a peer reviewer.

If you are interested in reviewing for our conference/journals and being a part of Advisory Board Member, kindly send us your Profile to

Due to the high numbers of applicants, please be noted that only first come rated one will be contacted by email.

And you can also send us an email to enquire about the status of your application.