IIRAJ Publication

IIRAJ Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Institute of Research And Journals. IIRAJ Publication is a leading scientific society promoting Science & Technology and bringing scholars together for the benefit of all. It has a worldwide membership from all the sectors.

IIRAJ Publication makes high-value scientific information available through a collection of journals, eBooks, magazines and conference proceedings in print, CD, digital and online product. It works to advance scientific research & technology, its application and education, to develop awareness and understanding of science & technology. Any profits generated by the publishing company are used by the institute to support science and scientists in both the developed and developing world.

We sell and distribute the proceedings, journals and all the published products in different meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops for a better publicity of your research work.

We know that publications are key to achieving your mission. So we put you first and working hard to promote you and your publications, to increase your visibility and impact within your community. IIRAJ Publication will develop your publishing program, address your specific needs with opportunities, then promote and deliver your content globally.

Support Services to our associates for partnership with IIRAJ Publication :
  • Hosting conference website
  • Managing the paper submission
  • Reviewing and consolidating the papers
  • Maintaining Communication with Authors
  • Panel Members
  • IIRAJ Branding & Technical Co-Sponsorship
  • Core Marketing
  • Obtaining required ISBN/ISSN for publication
  • Copyright protection of the research work
  • High-quality production and printing with online studio
  • Possible Indexing & Abstracting
  • Post-conference Sales & Distribution
  • Extended Paper Publication in Journals

Our publishing portfolio reflects the growth of scientific research and application in the following areas :
  • Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Physics
  • Bioscience, Bio Engineering
  • System Biology
  • Biomedical Electrochemistry and Biochemical Engineering
  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
  • Biomolecular Science
  • Electronics & Telecommunication
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Applied Electronics
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • IT and Software Engineering
  • Software Testing and Database Management
  • Cloud Computing and Computer Science
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Research
  • Power System & Energy Management
  • Medicine & Biological Science
  • Applied Physics
  • Modern Physics and Application
  • Science & Technology
  • High Energy and Nuclear Physics
  • Fisheries
  • Agricultural Engineering and Food Science
  • Energy & Environment
  • Safety Engineering
  • Civil, Mechanical & Architectural Engineering
  • Advanced Mechanics & Aeronautical Engineering
  • Metallurgy, Mining and Minerals Engineering
  • Plastic, Rubber and Textile Engineering
  • Business Management & Ethics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Aeronautic, Astrophysics & Space Science
  • Statistics, Operation Management & Supply chain Management
  • Economics, Marketing, Finance, HRM and Management Studies
  • Applied Mathematics, Soft Computing & Computational Science
  • Robotics, Computer Software Modelling & Automation Engineering
  • Applied Science & E-Technology
  • Digital Media Marketing, E-Commerce & E-Learning
  • Education Development Research and Training Technology
  • Neuro Science, Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Quantum Physics
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition & Food Science
  • Travel, Tourism & Transport Technology

We have published more than 50 International conference proceedings covering different areas of research. Published more than 30 International journals and some of them are in partnership with other research organizations. Email us on publication@iiraj.com