Sponsor or Organizer

The sponsor is the organization that has arranged with IIRAJ to conduct the review. For each assessment or document, the sponsoring organization should support the proposed position and the scientific rationale behind it.

On some occasions a sponsor may invite additional experts in a particular field to attend the meeting and be available to answer panel questions. If the sponsor makes these arrangements it will be disclosed at the meeting. The inclusion of invited experts can allow the panel members to resolve issues quickly and avoid asking the sponsor to consult with experts post-meeting and return for subsequent reviews.

If you would like to host the International Conference at your University/Institution, kindly drop an email with detailed profile of yourself and institution to info@iiraj.org.

The IIRAJ offers an opportunity to become a sponsor or exhibitor in the conference.

Following are the services that can be provided to your University/Institution:

  • IIRAJ can sponsor 60% to 100%*** of the total cost incur for the first time.
  • The Publication process and Review process will be handled by our Technical committee.
  • IIRAJ Publication department & conference services will deliver the E-Proceedings and printed format on time with accuracy.
  • Selected papers will be published in various Issues of IIRAJ associated International Journals.
  • All the detail information regarding the conference will be initiated in the IIRAJ Portal.

Please feel free to mail us your query to info@iiraj.org.

Note *: Free for introductory offers.