We have been successful because we have brought the discipline of running several different conferences under one umbrella.

Ready to lead from the front

A Dynamic Database
We are doing conference of various fields and our asset is knowledge, by our esteemed professors.
As a result, our ongoing obsession is always to promote scientific research and technology than the others.
We interact directly with all big universities and we focus on diversity.
At IIRAJ, we invite continuous input from consultants and doctorates. Besides, we work closely with professionals covering all the research areas related to engineering and science also some particular topics of management. We leverage solid community relationships, local knowledge, integrated services, scientific research and collective wisdom.
The complement of these various conferences ensures that we can bring the competency gained in individual to extend the scholars interests in research and technology.
Result : Information. Anytime. Every time.

Dedicated Professionals To Serve You
At IIRAJ, we recognize that the scholar who connects with us for the publication of the research work do so with the hardworking and research of a long time duration. As a result, there are some courtesies that we consider absolutely inseparable from our industry. Like answering their queries with patience. Like accompanying him on attending the conference. And acting less as an organizer and more as a strategic counselor.
We reinforce this service with a broad service portfolio: we have a team of dedicated professionals specializing in every aspect of conference management, printing and publication, review and valuation, individual and corporate services. Besides, we also have technical consultants, editorial board members.
A scholar can get his queries and problems resolved across a single phone call to our company.
Result : Peace of mind for participants

Online Information
We put our conference information on our website. Beside our personalized attention you also get online information on our conference and events from our regularly updated website.
Result : Anytime, anywhere access to information regarding your queries related to conference, proceeding publication and journal publication.